Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mitz has been counting down the days since Zoe was about 2 and a half for the day she can play basketball on a team and he can be her coach! Well the time has come. Zoe started basketball this year!!

Besides having the ball hit her in the face I believe every single game and leaving with some sort or new sore, SHE HAD A BLAST! She started the year not being strong enough to get the ball to the basket and ended the year with 3 baskets in one game!!

My job every Friday night, as we watched Zoe play basketball was to contain 3 children who just wanted to be playing basketball with their dad like their sister. Trying to do this without looking like the CRAZY LADY WITH 4 LITTLE GIRLS is no small task!!
Sweet Danea who is pretty easy to handle seeing how she is tied down and cant move

Maria, she loved to pose for the camera and can wait until she turns 5 so daddy can be her basketball coach!!
Ana on the other had just wanted to be set free so she can run and do whatever she feels like!!! She made sure everyone knew when she wanted to get out of the stroller. Which was THE ENTIRE TIME!!
Ana thinks she is soo hilarious!!
and you can not stay mad at this cute little girl for long!! She is obviously sucking her thumb which she is not allowed to do and she knows it. Which is why she is smiling

Zoe with her TROPHY!!


  1. How cute Charity!!! I really wish I would have been able to watch her...I will definitely have to come to a soccer game!

  2. You are amazing for containing all 3 kids during the games...especially Ana! hahaha!!! So fun!

    Go Zoe!

  3. Basketball is so fun! WE have a basketball star in our family as well. Enjoy

  4. That was a cute post, I know the feeling of trying to contain a million kids! Ana looks like she might be the handful out of the bunch, ha ha.