Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Okay so I FINALLY have some pictures up and yes I know they are CHRISTMAS ones and Christmas is over but I am little late on this whole blogging thing. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas. We ATE way to much, SHOPPED until the very last minute, spent time with great FRIENDS and FAMILY, enjoyed going to the NATIVITY and when all was said and done Zoe was so sad that her WHOLE family was not together for Christmas. I think children know what the true meaning of Christmas is.
Ana Opening up Christmas Presents and way more
interested in the paper then the present

We really need some boys in this family
Wes and Olivia 2 months old, Mitz and Danea 2 months
and 2 weeks old and Trevor and Rylee 7 months old

All us girls in our Christmas PJS
Ana LOVED this even though I wanted it to be pink.
She could not get it out of the box fast enough!!
Mitz airborne!!
This was the first time the girls ever went tobogganing
and they LOVED it!!

Well Ana did not love it. She spent the rest of
the day on the swings.

Zoe having a blast!!


  1. FINALLY pictures charity!!! I will be checking this everyday so keep it up! :) I love the picture of Ana opening her present....she is adorable!

  2. You did a great Job my love. Even if the house is a mess.... Just Joking lol I guess I could clean it..... NAHHHHH But seriously great job on the blog honey! Love Mitz

  3. Both pic of Ana made me laugh! Especially the one of her at the bottom of the hill! I LOVE your blog. Yes, please update it daily so I can look at it! :)

  4. You girls are so beautiful! I remember when I lived with you guys it was such a great time and look at you all now grown up. I love the red Jammies. Christmas Jammies is such a fun tradition. I love the action photo's on the tobb. hill. Great job!

  5. what a cute family you have! i LOVE the pic of you and your sisters and your mom in your PJ's! so fun. glad you had a good christmas!