Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Beautiful Ana has turned 2 YEARS OLD!! I don't know where the time has gone. Its seems like just yesterday I was on my way to the hospital for my c-section. Ana had decided to turn into a breech position and even though we did everything we could to try to get her into the right position she was having none of it!! She was positioned exactly how she wanted to be. Her personality has been STRONG WILLED, VIBRANT, ENERGETIC and STUBBORN since before she was born. She gives the BEST HUGS AND CUDDLES (when she wants to) Her SMILE will light up any room. She has no desire to be potty trained, cant wait to go to school like her BIG SISTERS and LOVES her baby sister so much that every time Danea crys, Ana thinks she is crying for her to come help her and races to her.

Thankfully we made it to Moms house safely, the roads were terrible and terrifying and I cried the last 45 mins there and wanted to turn around. Mitz figured since we were just about there anyways we should just keep on going and thank goodness we did because look how happy these little cousins are to see there Grandma!! Rylee is 8 months and Danea is 3 months
Sweet Maria
Ana loves to eat!! It amazes me how fast this girl can eat!!
It must be a pretty delicious cupcake
Rylee must be teething. She loved chewing on this little fishy
Grandma took all her granddaughters to see the Robert Munsch Books acted out. It was so funny we all had a great time!!
Grandma and her girls. Zoe, Reece and Ana

Grandma and Ana
Mom, being the loving Grandma that she is decided to sit on the very front row and watch the play with her little angels. Little did she know as soon as the opportunity arose those little angels volunteered their Grandma to be part of the play!! They loved watching their Grandma and when it was all over Reece turned to Zoe and said "oh grandma is soooo silly!"
Beautiful Mother and Daughter
Zoe, Reece, Ana and Maria with Grandma


  1. Love the post! You'll get used to it and soon it won't take you 5 hours! hahaha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANA....WE LOVE YOU!! The pic of Rylee made me laugh out loud...haha...and, I'm still laughing. Looks likes like the play was fun for everyone. Keep the posts commin sis!

  2. Birthdays are so much fun! It looks like it was yummy and it is so nice to spend it with family!
    We love Robert Munch in our family aren't they the best books ever!

  3. I love the picture of mom and the babies! That was a fun day.....well the time in Lethbridge...

  4. Life is always so much better when you share it with people you love!! I love your little family so much!!!Your girls have definitely made my heart just burst with joy!! Great memories!! Let's make more!